McCulloch-Wagner Post 109








In late 1978, a small group of Veterans formed a committee and applied for a Temporary Charter which was granted on 9 January 1979. This small group was comprised of James K. Byrd, George Grosetta, Rick Davis, Tony Celaya, Bill Warner, and Art McMahon. Originally, the Post was named JFK Post 109, in honor of President Kennedy and his WWII PT Boat 109. In 1983, a majority vote authorized a change in the Post name to McCulloch-Wagner Post 109, to honor two local area veterans.

The original "Temporary Charter" contained the following names: Ray Arellano, Gerald Brochert, A. A. Celaya, Dale D. Clover, Tino Camacho, Elmer J. Cobb, Hugh D. Crane, Alec R. Davis, Paul Jackson, Jimmy B. Leon, William J. McGuire, Lester McHugh, Peter B. Stromp, Robert L. Wagner, Jr., William C. Warner and Charles E. Woodson.

The permanent Post Charter was received 13 March, 1980, and contained 40 names in addition to those above. Following the end of the Legion Year 2008-2009, our Legion membership was 637 on 5 acres of land, where our Post home is located, plus other amenities. We participate in as many Legion, Auxiliary and SAL programs as humanly possible.